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The Magic of Camping

There’s nothing like a long weekend. A time when many of us, get away from it all. Escape the stresses of daily life. A time when we unplug. A time when we disconnect from the external and focus on the internal. When we focus on our friends, our families and ourselves. A time when we enjoy the outdoors, when we return to nature and when we enjoy simple activities.

So we pack up the tent, sleeping bags, cutlery and cooking equipment, bikes, clothes, balls, towels, tables, chairs, food, etc, etc. We enjoy the serenity of camping, of staring into the fire at night, of enjoying the early brisk mornings, and the call of the native birds.

Enjoy some stories, play some frisbee, explore the bushland surroundings, make new friends with fellow campers and what a great weekend.

Then the time comes, for packing up. Fortunately, some of the food is gone, so the real life game of tetris is a lot easier this time round. Kids are getting their last ride in before the bikes go in the car, and back to reality.

On the way home, everyone is bit stinkier, uncomfortable and tired. Pulling into the driveway, reality sets in...everything that was packed into the car has to be unpacked. Clothes have to be washed, cutlery washed, towels washed, and quite often, you have to pitch the tent again to dry it. Surely the last thing you want to do after a lovely peaceful weekend away, you need to wrestle with tent just to dry it.

Prolong the serenity, just a bit longer and make life just a little bit easier.

Drying the tent