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Mini stainless steel clothes airer drying rack dimesions
Mini stainless steel clothes airer drying rack folding portable
Mini stainless steel potrable clothes airer drying rack hooks
Mini stainless steel clothes airer drying rack
Mini stainless steel clothes airer drying rack dimesions


Stainless Steel


Just need to dry a few things in front of the heater? The Mini clothes airer is for you. Sturdy, yet small, easy to fold, this indoor clothes airier is a great alternative to the clothes horse which can be awkward to erect and disassemble. Great for camping or caravanning, the Mini clothes airer is a great item to own due to its varied applications. The stainless steel Mini clothes airer provides extra stability in windy conditions. the stronger material means this model is less prone to impact damage. The hooks on the stainless steel models are more triangular in shape, allowing easy utilisation of this feature.

Hanging Stuff Mini stainless steel Indoor/Outdoor Clothes Airer Portable Washing Line Clothes Drying Line

Hooks - loop it, hook it, hang it, dry it!

Versatile hooks to hang and dry various items. The hooks on the clothes airer can be turned up or down.

Hang, loop, hook and dry

  • socks
  • smalls
  • hats
  • shoes
  • etc
Clothes airer versatile hooks to hang your smalls or coat hangers
portable lightweight clothes horse, dryer huge capacity

Huge hanging capacity

  • 8.3 meters of hanging space
  • large hanging capacity clothes airer
  • lightweight, easily moved even when fully loaded
  • ideal for indoors and out

Lightweight and durable

  • Hanging Stuff clothes airer is made from stainless steel making it lightweight, portable, and very sturdy
  • Your Hanging Stuff clothes airer can easily be moved from outside to inside, with or without washing on it
  • A versatile portable clothes drying rack that can easily substitute a traditional washing line
  • A true hills hoist alternative
  • With its lightweight design, it’s the ideal clothes drying solution to take camping or caravanning
  • Hanging Stuffs durability ensures it will outlast all other products. An eco-friendly alternative to constantly buying cheap clothes drying racks
stainless steel, durable, rust resistant, portable
The drying rails on Hanging Stuff drying rack are spaced further apart than traditional clothes airers to allow for maximum airflow

Maximum airflow, faster drying

  • The drying rails on Hanging Stuff drying rack are spaced further apart than traditional clothes airers and washing lines to allow for maximum airflow.
  • This enables clothes to dry much faster, even on cold, wet days.
  • The rail placement is unique to Hanging Stuff clothes airers. Normal clothes dryers or drying racks have them spaced very close together preventing airflow and slowing drying times.
  • On wet days, the fast drying time means you have the clothes drying indoors for less time.

Folds flat for easy storage, portable

  • folds flat
  • easy strorage
  • portable
  • take it in the caravan
  • pack it on the camping trailer
  • hang it on the wall
folding mobile portable clothes airer dryer rack


Mini stainless steel clothes airer drying rack dimesions



Made from
Stainless Steel

Hanging Space


Mini portable lightweight clothes airer

No. of Rails







Mini end size 72cm - portable clothes airer

Width Folded

Mini end folded 25cm - portable clothes airer

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  • Mini - $15

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Mini Stainless Steel Assembly Instructions 17/01/19 Download
Stainless Steel
Maxi stainless steel clothes airer drying rack dimesions
Size: 205cm (L) x 108 (W) x 164cm (H)
Hanging Space: 23m
Stainless Steel
Flexi stainless steel clothes airer drying rack dimesions
Size: 173cm (L) x 89 (W) x 146cm (H)
Hanging Space: 15m
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