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What is your Clark Kent?

My guilty pleasure on Saturday nights is unashamedly Sex and the City. I arrived late to the whole SATC phenomenon. My first experience being the underwhelming movie. Then, months after that initial dose, in the latter stages of a multiple pregnancy,  I lay down on a bed and found myself in the midst of a SATC marathon and I loved it!!

Fast forward 7 years and I am becoming SATC weary. While I continue to envisioned myself in a zebra print skirt, a vintage velvet jacket and cute purple mules walking down George St with Carrie Bradshaw-type swagger, I’m getting bored and even angry about Bradshaw’s poor decision making  when it comes to her personal life.

Bradshaw’s dumping of Perfect Aidan for a man that calls her ‘Kid’ and while I haven’t actually seen the episode where Big ‘rescues’ Carrie from the Russian Prince in France, her actions are truly buffling. But this is a much blogged about topic, so I shelved my plans to analyse her insanity.

Until I walked past Superman playing on the television. And there was Lois Lane, looking at Superman with starry eyes, like she couldn’t believe he was standing there, right in front of her. Except that Superman stood next to her every day. Sure, Clark Kent didn’t report to The Daily Planet in blue tights and a red cape, but are we really meant to believe she couldn’t see the similarities? Surely Lois knew that mild mannered Clark was really a nylon loving superhero, just as Carrie knew Big was an arrogant tosser. But it got me thinking, (and here is my Carrie Bradshaw-esque question) What is it there we all know but refuse to acknowledge? What is your Clark Kent?

Going to bed earlier, not eating the whole packet of chips, these are all things I know, but refuse to acknowledge. What stops Lois from seeing who Clark really is and what stops nincompoop Carrie from making positive relationship choices? Is it stubbornness, is it a lack of self control, is it ignorance or are we scared? Whatever the reason, we all have something that we refuse to acknowledge that others around us can see. What is your Clark Kent?



Clark Kent