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Mother's Day

To My Beautiful Children,

I love the excitement that Mother's Day brings
And pretending to not care when I don't sleep in.

On seeing your faces as you present me your pictures
I think to myself, "I couldn't ask for more riches."

It's great we have a day where we recognise our mum
For reminding us that we are special to some

But then there's the other 364
When I'm picking up your crap from the living room floor.

Here's an idea, just a little thought
We cancel the presents, the ones that I bought.

We'll keep the nice notes, the 'Songs of Praise'
But perhaps you could consider the other days?

Maybe put away your toys or pick up your shoes
So we aren't looking for things we don't want to lose.

Imagine a day when the sun doth shine
And one of my offspring hangs the washing on the line.

That'd be a day when I don't lose my cool
When everyone's happy as they go off to school

I love Mother's Day, don't get me wrong
(But for gawd sake, I'm not your bloody slave. I don't know where you put your homework book. Just eat your dinner, I am not making 4 different meals. I didn't play with your cricket bat, I don't know where it is....)

Ahh, forget it, thank you my babies
Love your Mum.



Low washing line