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Back to School

The holiday honeymoon period is over and it’s back to school. Back to school doesn’t just mean getting rid of kids from 9-3 each day, it means school activities, back to work, homework, school lunches and uniforms. Which uniform is it today?

As I write this I am at a school information night. The optimism of the new school year is brought down by the usual announcements of notes after absence, getting to school on time and uniforms. Is this how it is going to be again this year? Am I going to be that mother who looks exhausted? Who is always rushing and who never quite makes the bell? Barely the second month into the year and the words “please make sure everything is labelled” has just sucked all positivity and optimism from every chakra in my body.

Yes, I need to be organised, but am I being jinxed? Are the teachers anticipating my mistakes?

The secret to any day is to get off to a good start in the morning. This means ensuring that bags are packed, lunches made and uniforms are ready to go.

The uniforms, I am all over. Using clothes hangers to hang the clothes so as to avoid ironing, and easily pairing socks as I take them off my Hanging Stuff. I guess it’s lunch orders every day and I am sorted!!

Pairing Socks